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1) Meet Evelyn 2) Motivation 3) Script     
4) Nutz 5) Erotic Thriller 6)Contact Lens - pt.1  (NEW!)
6)Contact Lens - pt.2  (NEW!)
     What do you do when there's not enough money to produce a movie? In my case, it's keeping the characters and subject alive as a comic strip! ADVENTURES IN THE SCREAM TRADE is an affectionate (though also satirical) look at the world of low-budget movie making. The main inhabitants are "scream queen" EVELYN WILLIAMS  and the sincere but semi-talented director VIRGIL YOUNG. After you quickly take note that I can't draw very well, you'll then notice an odd mixture of styles; cartoony (the men) vs. realistic cartoony (Evelyn). Hopefully, as I practice, newer strips will be more polished.
     I do hope they will make you laugh!
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