NOTE: This footage is property of MGM/UA and is presented for info purposes only
Years ago, before our era of high definition film transfers, DVDs and Blu-Rays,
a group of us aided MGM/UA in making a "special edition" presentation of
"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (along with a 60 minute documentary)
that contained some 70mm footage that had not been seen in decades.
The footage was from both 70mm and Cinerama Rectifed preview/premeire showings
from literally around the globe. Also found was a short 70mm "preview demo" of
some in-progress scenes from the film. including a version of the gas station demolition
that ends with a surprise return appearance of Ray and Irwin.

Though knowing that this gave us only a few damaged pieces of "Mad World"s total
cinematic puzzle, and would not represent any replicated preview or premiere version. at least fans
of the film (including Stanley) would be able to see more of what happened that day in California.

As the years (and research) went on, we have begun to believe that the attendants rescue may
not have made any theatrical cut of "Mad World", resulting in our old standard defintion
Special Edition being the only time you'll see the return of Ray and Irwin,
It should be noted that much of what was cut from earlier versions of Mad World
was a possible excess of Detective/Police surveillance footage
that Kramer and company felt may have diluted the film's momentum .
Certainly this scene of the cops driving up to help Ray & Irwin could fit this category,
and there is something visually satisfying about that final held shot of the flattened gas station.

In above video we present three choices. And we want you to vote below!
Please note that this is not any official MGM/UA function, we are totally fan-based
with the best respect of filmmakers and distributors intentions.

Choice 1 - No. Leave it the way it always was. Once Pike drives off, they're gone.

Choice 2 - Yes. Bring back the surveilance, as the cops pull up immediatley
after Pike leaves and find Ray & Irwin coming out of the debris.

Choice 3 - Yes, but leave us first with the shot of the demolished
gas station then come back a few minutes later to Ray & Irwin
coming out of the debris with the cops there.