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Although the concept of "Dr. Horror"  would be a new approach in B-Movie making, the films presentation is decidely traditional, harking back to the glorious days of the roadshow films, complete with overture, intermission
and souvenir book.

Paul Scrabo - "We made a deliberate attempt to give fans of this cast their moneys worth. In the age of 70 minute DVD B-Movies, "Dr. Horror" would run about 130 minutes. There is a lot going on in the story. "
Our films length would not reduce the amount of "extra features" found on the disc. "THAT'S INDEPENDENT!" runs about an hour long and features not only material about "Dr. Horror", but  insights from other movie makers as well, along with rare footage, bloopers, interviews and Super 8mm films!

(in progress)
Brinke Stevens - (from a web interview) "We put together a horror/comedy/musical that will blow your mind. It's completely new and it really works."